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Dec 29 2011

The Potty Training Diaries Day 3

So now here we are at day 3.  I was not sure what to expect for today, but today went so much better.  Elizabeth only had one accident up until dinner.  At some point this morning something clicked.  She started telling us when she needed to go and also telling us she did not need to go that she was dry.  Dinner was our second accident and then she went about 20 minutes before bed and when we went to change her for bed she had dirty her princess undies.  But so much better than the day before!  Cameron had three total.  Two this morning and then one right dinner.  We tried to have everyone go before dinner but our two that had accidents during or right after dinner did not go.  Matthew and Zachary only had one a piece and it was of the stinky variety.  Of course they had to be at the same time!  Matthew even stayed dry during nap time!!!

Over the past couple of days I have learned that if we have a drink with snack we all try to go within 30 minutes and we try to go before and after every meal.  All four of the kids are excited about wearing big kid undies.  Matthew is evening asking if he can wear them to bed.  We still have more work to do, but I think we are on the right track and getting very close!  I will let you know what tomorrow (day 4) holds for us!




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