The McCleary Quadruplets

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Dec 29 2011

The Potty Training Diaries Day 2

So after a great start on Tuesday I thought that Wednesday would go just as well.  My mom was also here to help, unlike the day before when I went it alone.  Let me tell you I was so wrong.  I felt like I was doing laundry left and right.  We use a timer to helps us remember to all try and go.  Elizabeth had me at my wits end.  She can explain to you what to do, where to go, why we do not potty on ourselves, but chose to do it anyways.  She had a grand total of 5 accidents.  Two of them were right after I set her on the potty!  I was stressed to say the least.  At least the boys did better.  Cameron and Zachary had just one a piece and Matthew was a rock star again!  Not one accident!  So here is a picture of our little potty machine!

Matthew and his big boy undies!!!!



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