The McCleary Quadruplets

There is never a dull moment when you are raising quadruplets!



Dec 02 2011


Holidays are always a challenge for us, not that it is a bad thing.  It is just the fact with four kiddos we keep structure and a routine and have things child proofed.  So anything different makes for an interesting time.  We have learned to bring as much stuff with us to prepare for whatever can or could happen.  We are not preparing to take one toddler somewhere, but four!  This always makes things interesting.  It never fails if one does something the others have to do it, even if the first one got in trouble.  We have just learned to roll with punches and plan to have a rough day or two afterwards while we try to get back into our normal routine.

Thanksgiving went really went well.  We have discovered our childrens’ love of coloring books.  So I packed several of them, plenty of colors, and many other toys.  This helped enterain them for the most part.  We did find Matthew dumping all the salt out of a salt shaker in the dinning room.  He was not happy that he was put in timeout while we cleaned up the mess.  They all loved eating their own piece of pie, of course covered in whipped cream.

Friday we setup our tree and decorated it as a family!  This was the first year the kids helped with all of it.  They had so much fun hanging the ornaments.  They kept asking daddy to pick the up because they wanted to put their ornament on the very top!  We even enjoyed dancing to some Christmas music.

Saturday we had Thanksgiving again with Randy’s side.  I spent most the day cooking while Randy played with the kiddos.  The kids were so excited they were going to eat at their picnic table instead of in their booster seats.  This does not mean they ate very well, they ate a little then moved to dessert.  We were able to dress up and take a few pictures in front of our tree. I think we got one good shot.  The kids also helped me make a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  They loved mixing, counting, and taking turns.  Of course their favorite part was eating them!


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