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Dec 29 2011

Christmas 2011 (Photo heavy)

This year was very exciting because the kids really got into the holiday this year.  They were beside themselves with excitement.  Our weekend started with Christmas eve service, which the kids attended with Nana, Papa, Daddy, and Mommy.  We then came home to take naps while mommy and Nana cooked dinner.  Uncle Alan and Elina joined us, as well as Elina’s parents.  We had so much fun spending time with everyone, but of course they were so excited about opening presents.  So after dinner that was exactly what we did.  They loved everything, cars, games, dolls, slippers, and more.  Cameron was so excited he started ripping in to a gift under the tree for their Gege.  It took us some time to wind them down and get them into bed.  We threw out reindeer food, left milk, cookies, and a letter for Santa and put on our new PJs that our friend Sarah gave us.

Christmas morning came way too early for us.  They were all up by 7:15 and ready to go.  So we got ourselves out of bed and set up the camera and went to get them all.  Zachary was not ready to go, but once he saw the tree and all the presents he ran straight to the tree and started ripping into the gifts.  They each got a pillow pet from each other, a laptop from us, a toy a piece, clothes, and new shoes.  Santa brought them a Wii and of course filled their stockings.  After our floor was covered with wrapping paper we had our annual chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and then got ready to head to great grandma and grandpa’s.  They ate pretty well, helped that we brought fruit.  Then we played for awhile and then grandma Betty and grandpa Tom gave them each a gift.  They each got a hooded towel.  They love to wear them after their baths or around the house and say they are their costumes.

The day after Christmas we had Randy’s family over.  We enjoyed a great meal with our family and spent time playing and laughing together.  Then came more presents.  The kids got so much stuff.  A drum set, musical insturments, puzzles, potato heads, a baby alive, remote controlled cars, animals, and more.  They are now rolling in all they toys.  Little do they know we will be weeding out some of their older toys very soon.

That night we went to dinner and Elizabeth started talking about her birthday.  Just out of the blue, so we had to talk about how their birthday is in 3 months and they will be 3.  She then says that she is going to get another baby for her birthday.  Wow, they learn to fast!  I told her we will have to see.  They are now talking about how they turn three on April 1st, but they are 2 right now.  They also figured out that they all have the same birthday and mommy and daddy have different birthdays.  They can even tell you that mommy’s is April 4th and know daddy’s is in March.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure…


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