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Aug 19 2011

Triple paste

A while back we were contacted by the makers of triple paste.  They have a great new program for those of us with triplets or more!  They asked if we would be willing to fill you, our readers in on this new program.  They were even kind enough to send us some of their products!

The new program is triple paste for triplets and has some great sign up gifts and then you continue to receive discounts on any future orders.  Here is the direct link.

Here is the info we were given about the program…when a family enrolls for the program they receive a complimentary package including one 16 oz. jar and one 2 oz. tube of our Triple Paste® medicated diaper rash ointment, one 2 oz. tube of our Triple Cream® severe dry skin/eczema moisturizer, an embroidered brushed cotton receiving blanket, and a Triple Paste® comfort bear for each baby. In addition, the family is eligible for automatic inclusion into our Triple Paste® for Triplets savings club, which provides a 30% discount on all future Triple Paste® orders plus free shipping.

All I know is that if this program would have been around when ours were first born we would have placed many orders and loved the complementary stuff!

The products they sent us have been great!  They sent their diaper rash ointment and I have loved it.  My favorite part is that it is unscented…the kids are not running around with that desitin smell.  They also sent us a tube of their triple cream for severe skin/eczema care.  Cameron does suffer from eczema and I was excited to try this on him.  It worked great.  It is thick which helps keep his skin moisturized.  It is not greasy and actually has no scent.  Many we have tried say they are unscented, then we get them home and find out they have a scent.  They also sent us their new triple wash.  Which can be used to cleanse if they have a diaper rash or as shampoo and body wash.  We have not tried it out yet…still finishing up the last of our other bath stuff.  But if it is anything like the other products we have tried I am sure we will like it.

Sorry to go on about all this but we thought it was important to share this great program and the fact that we have found some great products!


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