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Aug 30 2011

Things Kids Say

The kids starting to talk up a storm and its quite funny some of the things they say. Yesterday morning, I was getting ready to leave for work and was telling everyone bye. Elizabeth turned and said, “Goodbye Daddy!” and when I was telling Matthew goodbye, Elizabeth turned and said, “Go away Daddy”. I was like did you just say “Go away Daddy?” and she replied “yes”.

Elizabeth is quite the talker. Last night she had us both busting up laughing at the dinner table. She was trying to take her bib off and couldn’t get it over her eyes and started say, “I can’t see mommy, where are you, I can’t see”, over and over until had to have daddy help get it off her head. When out in public, when people come up and give complements on how cute the kids look or how they are holding hands walking, etc… Elizabeth likes to reply, “Thank you, thank you, thank you”. Its quite funny, she’s not conceded or anything.

When the power was out for almost 3 days last weekend the kids, were pretty upset they wasn’t able to watch any of their shows or movies. They kept asking for “bubble guppies”, “care bears”, “tigger and pooh” and we had to keep say we can’t its broken. One time Elizabeth ran up to mommy and asked her and she told her the TV was broken so then she runs up to me and says, “Fix it Daddy!”.

Now Matthew is the our second most talkative child. He likes to call people, “Stinky Butt” and yell “faker!!!”, which always sounds like another word. When we had to eat out since we didn’t have power we went eat dinner at Cracker Barrel one night. The kids were all being pretty good waiting for their food and were pretty good when they started eating. We had one guy who was waiting for awhile came up to us and starting saying, “I don’t see how you do it with four, we just have two and they don’t act as good as that.”  Well lets just say, he wasn’t around when Matthew got down eating his dinner. Matthew got all wound up and making all kinds of animal sounds like “gobble gobble gobble” and got quite loud. There were like 4 tables behinds that started clapping.


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