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Aug 20 2011

The great power outage! *updated*


This year thus far has brought us some pretty severe weather in the midwest!  This past spring our neighbors in Joplin were devastated by a F 5 tornado.  Later that same week there were funnel clouds spotted all over the metro…one even by my school!   Just a couple weeks ago we were without power for over eight hours due to a storm and some were without longer.  The past two nights have brought some severe storms with straight line winds of 100 mph through MO!  We have been fortunate to been safe and sound through all of this crazy weather.

The storm last might hit us the worst.  We have been without for over 13 hours and had a good size tree fall in the backyard!  It was one we had planned to cut down…it was dead…we just have not had the time.  This time it is a tad cooler but we still can not cook, see in our main bathroom, do laundry or dishes.  I am beginning to worry about the food in the fridge.  We have to eat out unless we want dry snacks and all the kiddos want is to watch a movie.  Plus we always have fans going and music going durning naps to help them sleep.  It is amazing all the things you realize use electricity.  I know that all things items use it…but do not appreciate how much we rely on them!  The kids are trying to nap and daddy is working on chopping up the fallen tree.

It really is amazing how peacefully life its without all the destractions of all our lives filled with busyness and noise.  I find some pleasure in this uncommon break from the every day noise.  It also makes me think of the time we waste filling our days with some of the things we do when we could just enjoy what is already all around us.

Of course I want my power back…but it is a nice reminder to enjoy all that is around us and those who are around us!

The official grand time without power….64 hours. It was crazy. Saturday we started with my folks. Then Sunday and Monday Randy’s mom helped us out with a hotel room. Our routine was totally turned upside down. I was still suppose to watch lifting…but 4 two year olds had other plans. We did get enjoy the pool and eat out way more than we would have liked to! All 6 of us were glad to be back at our own house and settle back into our routine.


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