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Aug 18 2011

Long time… Update

Yeah, its been a long time since our last blog post so here’s an update of whats happened since. We’ve been quit busy with the kids and everything else going on. Stephanie had her surgery and is still recovery, but its looking pretty good. The doctor was happy she found something that could be causing the pain and fixed it.  The kids all caught something again in the past week, Cameron had it first then Matthew, Zachary and Elizabeth. We think it maybe just about over, each one has had it an average of 2 days a piece.

Everyone as become more vocal with Elizabeth and Matthew leading the way. We have finally been able to get Elizabeth to say her name, before hand it was always “sissy”. We tried picking up stuffed animals and tell her the animal’s name was Elizabeth, but she wouldn’t fall for it and would call it “sissy”. It wasn’t until she realized that Mommy and Daddy had names and she was able to say those names that she realized she had a name other than “sissy”

The potty training is still going, we backed off a little bit on it since they started to regress. Lately they all are telling us that they have to go potty and are going on the stool and when they are done they’d go and wait for their M&M’s. Then they will tell you how many M&M’s they get, sometimes its not always the correct amount lol.

The weather here in Kansas City is starting to cool off so we’ve been able to let the kids go outside and play more often and can’t wait to be able to take them back to the Kansas City Zoo. The weekend is Parkville Days, so we get to take them to another parade.


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