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Jul 13 2011

Tennessee Vacation

The last part of June we took a Vacation down to Tennessee. We stopped off and stay with my older brother and his family who just moved right outside of Nashville. We don’t get to see them as often as we like, so it was nice to be able to see and catch up with them. We had dinner and stayed till right after lunch time the next day.

Then our journey was off to our resort in Sevierville, TN. Stephanie was driving the mini-van with the kids and her mom and I was driving a rental with all the luggage. Once leaving my brother’s house our GPS on our phones took us in two different directions so for about 30 mins we were on different paths and finally when we were both on the major highway we needed to be on, I was only a mile ahead of Stephanie. Our next GPS issue was when we got to the resort, the resort was so new that it wasn’t on Google Maps yet. But we finally got there and found out that our condo was on the very top floor(6th). As we walked in, the place was very nice 3 flat screen TV’s, a nice long kitchen table with a booth on one side and 4 chairs on the other side, there was also a balcony that face the Smoky Mountains.

The kids just loved going outside and playing on the balcony. There were helicopter rides nearby so the kids could see and hear the helicopters fly by in which they would wave and say hi and bye to the helicopters. They also learned the word mountains and when they would come in from outside they would say, “bye bye mountains”.

As it was getting time for bed time I had to go into the kids room and do some re-arranging to set them up for bed. The condo we had was a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom, with the kids bedroom having 2 Double sized beds which sits up a ways off the floor so we couldn’t let them sleep on that, because they would roll off and fall. So I took the mattress off and stacked the two box springs on side of the room and put both mattress on the floor so they had plenty of room to sleep. The first couple of nights they would wake up way to early and so the last two night I slept in there with them and they slept in a little later those to nights. You could get cribs, pack n’ plays, and highchairs if needed. But our kids don’t like being in any of those anymore and tend to throw fits. We brought our booster seats so we could still strap them in during meals.


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