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Jul 19 2011

Smoky Mountains

Here’s some of the pictures we took when we went up into the Smoky Mountains. We wanted to go on one of the walking paths and read/asked people at the resort to see which one was the easiest and picked the only one that was paved. Which when we started to on walking path we realized, it wasn’t going to be so easy and only got so far we before we turned around. It wouldn’t have been too bad if we wasn’t pulling the choo-choo-wagon with the kids in it. Its not easy pulling about 125lbs up some of those steady inclines and it was wearing me out. Talk about getting major calf burns… can’t wait till the kids can all walk with us with out trying to run off or wanting to just sit down and not walk at all.

After we turned around on the walking path we headed back to the van to load up and go the one of the picnic grounds to have lunch. There was a nice stream close to the picnic area and we were able to get some pretty good pictures of the kids when we sat them up on this tree stump.


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  1. Amber

    It is so beautiful! I love the shirts too. I can’t believe how big your babies are getting. They are growing up so fast.

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