The McCleary Quadruplets

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Jul 15 2011

Ripley’s Aquarium

While on vacation in Tennessee we decided to take the kids to Ripley’s Aquarium. When we saw the prices for tickets it was a little high and they charged for kids over 2yrs old. So we only bought adult tickets at the resort where we got a discount and when we got to the aquarium I just told them they didn’t turn 2 til July 1st, so they got in for free.

The kids really enjoyed seeing everything. It was difficult at first since it was so crowded and the kids wanted to get up and see what was in water, but we had to hold them back till the people in front of us moved on to the next thing.  They have this underwater conveyor belt-like walk path that you step on and takes you through the whole underwater tour. Which was really nice cause then the kids got to see everything with out other people holding up the show. They kept pointing out the sharks that would swim by or above us.


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