The McCleary Quadruplets

There is never a dull moment when you are raising quadruplets!



Jul 17 2011

It starts so early!

Who would have thought that my children who just turned two in April are tattlers.  I knew it had to begin at some point, but so early.  Now all I can think is I will never get a break!  I love my family…but my job is my break, even if it is with kids.  I love my job…but my family is my break.  It is my balance.  We all have a balance in our life whatever it maybe.

One thing I did get a break from once I was home was all the tattling.  If you have ever been around a lower elementary classroom you would know the amount of tattling that occurs each day.  Preschool can be the first exposure some children have to working with others their age.  We discuss using our words a lot, along with conflict resolution.   I just did not think about the fact I would have to start utilizing these strategies in my house already!

We have been talking about saying sorry, giving hugs and kisses when we hurt each other.  Also talked about telling each other they did not like something.  We still hear “mama Matt Matt push”  or “daddy sissy hit.”  I am glad they can vocalize what is going on…but when you have four of them telling on each other it can be a little overwhelming.

On a side note they are more and more playing together, talking to each other so we understand, loving each other and being very silly together.  There are bound to be times they need breaks from one another.  It goes with being siblings.


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