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Jul 27 2011

Colds and an impending surgery

It is only Wednesday and it has been a long week.  Monday Zachary was giving me a run for my money.  He would not listen for anything and thought it was funny when he was put in timeout.  That evening Cameron came down with a cold and we did not get much sleep because he could not sleep.  Tuesday started off great.  Our friend Sarah came over to catch up and spend sometime with the kids.  Once everyone was down for the night we began to have the other boys have problems sleeping.  So sleeping was again a luxury.  So right now Elizabeth is still going strong…but it never fails one gets it they all do.

Now on to the upcoming surgery.  For the past three months I have been dealing with some severe pain in my lower abdomen around my cesarean scar.  It is possible that I have had the pain longer but I was also dealing with daily migraines for over a year and a half and on many pain meds.  Back to what is going on now.  I went in to my obgyn and she examined me and could not find anything obvious.  I was sent for a CT scan of the area and everything came back normal.  Since I was in so much pain she sent me to pain management.  First they tried pain patches which did nothing.  Then last week they tried cortisone shots aka trigger point injections.  I am pretty sure I was poked 6 or 7 times.  I was very sore from the shots for a couple of days.  I could tell it was helping some.  Now a week later.  I am still hurting but not as severe.  The worst is when I get sharp our shooting pains.  On Tuesday I went back to my obgyn and discussed what my options are at this point.  The short version is the only for sure way to know exactly is going on is to check from the inside.  She is thinking I either have too much scar tissue or my uterus/ovaries adhered to something.  If this is what is going on then it is completely related to my c-section.

August 11 I check in for diagnostic laparoscopy.  If they can find the cause and fix it with the laparoscopic tools they will.  If this is what happens then I will be released that day and be limited for about 4 weeks.  But there is a chance they will have to open me up.  If this happens I will be admitted for 2 or 3 days and have the same recovery as a c-section.

I was fine discussing it at the office and calling Randy…but after that it hit me.  I know we should be able to find the cause of all this pain and possibly even fix it.  So I should be happy, but I am nervous and hoping I am released the same day.  It is going to be tough, but being away from my four little miracles for a couple of days will make out even harder.

Randy or I will try to post an update that day or the next.  We are just praying they can find the problem, fix it, and I have a speedy recovery.



  1. Sarah

    I hope they figure out the problem and its simple. Being away from the squad would be very hard.

  2. mona

    did they consider nerve impingement?

  3. Sarah

    Hope everything goes well tomorrow. Good luck!

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