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Jun 06 2011

Where to begin?

It seems like ages since I have been able to sit down and write a post about what has been going on around here.  Although it really has been about a week.  We have had so much going on it just seems longer.  So where to begin…

I think a great place to start is that I am off for the summer and get to spend some quality time with my babies!  Which of course are not babies…but they will always be my babies.  My last day of school was Wednesday and I have been enjoying the extra time with my kiddos! 

On the first day of my summer vacation the kids got new haircuts.  Elizabeth just got her ends trimmed, but the boys got full flegded haircuts!  They look so grown up with their new dos.  Gege did a great job!  I had my NMOM board meeting and Gege even stayed to help daddy out while I was gone.  When I came home I got some big news…

The boys went to sleep without binkies!  I could not believe it.  Elizabeth gave hers up around Christmas, but the boys were much more attached!  I wanted to try sooner than now with the boys…but with both of us still working and the fact we could lose much needed rest if we took the boys binkies away, we decided to wait till I was out of school.  So I am happy and proud to say we are finally a binkie free household!  Can I get an AMEN!!!

Friday we went to visit great grandma and grandpa.  I was a bad granddaughter and had not taken her our mother’s day gift to her.  It is not like we are busy around here. ;)  So we took her our gift and spent some quality time at their house.  Of course no one ever child proofs their house like a mom of multiples and at their house they do not need to at all…so they were into everything.  We still have gates keeping them out of the dinning room and kitchen…probably not for to much longer, but they are there for now.  So at my grandma’s house they were having fun with all the cabinets, the things inside the cabinets, and all the knobs on the appliances…lets just say my mom and I were running all over the place trying to keep them out of things.  Of course with four they are running in all different directions so we were pretty busy! 

So this brings us to Saturday.  We were able to enjoy the water for the first time this summer!  We met up with some other moms of multiples at a spray park in Liberty.  Elizabeth and Zachary were all about the water from the minute we arrived.  Matthew warmed up to the idea once someone let him play with a cup.  Cameron on the other hand wanted nothing to do with it.  Part of it may have been we woke them up early to meet up at the park, so he may not have had enough sleep.  It is hard to judge how long or how much sleep they need because some days they do not even what to take a nap or it is only an hour long or so.  But of course yesterday they wanted longer naps.  Anyways, back to the spray park.  The three that were playing in the water were having such a good time.  They were soaked from head to toe and just having a great time. 

Sunday we did a little shopping at Target just to get a few items.  Elizabeth loves to go shopping.  I told her we were going shopping and she did that little expression where you gasp.  She of course over dramatizes the face and it cracks me up.  We got all ready to go and she stands up on the fireplace and throws her hands up in the air and yells “SHOPPING!”  She is such a girl, at least I got one. ;)  She has become so dramatic lately.  She even told daddy no with her arms criss crossed over her chest.  The other day she was sassing with her hands on her hips.  I am not even sure where she is picking these things up!  Total drama queen.  Let’s not even mention princess…  I could do a whole post about her obsession with princesses!

Another funny story from the weekend is that the kids have been lifting up their shirts and showing us their belly buttons.  I asked Elizabeth if she was digging for gold because she was digging at it.  She said yep.  I then asked what was in their belly buttons and they were telling us pizza, yum, yum, yum.  Then they would act like they were eating.  They then told us it was hot, so I told them to blow on it…they all did, it was so funny…I was laughing so hard!  Who would have thought belly buttons could be so funny!

I think this gets us pretty caught up.  I hope everyone had a great weekend, as you can tell we did!


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