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Jun 29 2011

Road Trip!

One June 18th we set off for our family vacation!  We started before the sun was even up!  We pulled out of our driveway at 5am.  The kids, surprisingly, were in great moods.  They were all very excited for our first destination on our trip.  We had a 10 hour drive ahead of us to the Elam’s house  just outside of Nashville TN.  We were all looking forward to some time with Uncle Keith, Aunt Julie, Brianna, and Carter. 

Our first stop was in Columbia MO for some breakfast.  The kids enjoyed their pancakes and of course the play area.  While eating a gentleman approached us and of course wanted to talk about seeing quads.  The crazy thing was that he gave Randy money to cover our breakfast.  He said it was Father’s Day gift.  We were shocked and not sure what to say other than thank you. 

We had hoped to be able to stop and play at a park or two during our drive, but it was raining off and on all day!  We were able to make it a couple of hours into IL before we stopped for lunch.  The kids were very ready to get out of their car seats!  We could not find any where with a play area so we just had lunch and were back on the road. 

We were able to make it the rest of the way to Keith and Julie’s house.  We arrived at their house about 4:30 in the afternoon.  The kids were so ready to get out of the van and so were the rest of us!  The kids we so excited to be at their aunt and uncle’s house.  It took them a few minutes to warm up, but after that they were their good old crazy selves.  While we were getting things ready for the night and such the kids headed straight for the playroom. 

It is still hard to believe Brianna is starting Kindergarten in the fall and Carter is 3.   It seems like yesterday they were both small enough to hold in my arms!  The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins!  Elizabeth even slept in Brianna’s room…they thought that was the coolest thing ever.  The boys slept in the same room as us. 

The next morning Julie and I cooked a big breakfast for the guys for Father’s Day.  Everyone ate so well we had to make more of some things.  It was so nice to spend time with all of them.  The kids enjoyed themselves and I know Randy and I loved spending time with niece and nephew and brother and sister in-law.  We hope to be able to plan another trip down to see them again before the end of the year! 

We headed out after lunch for our final destination…Sevierville TN. 

To be continued….


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