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Jun 01 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

First of all I wanted to start by thanking all our troops past and present for all they have done!  Plus we can not forget anyone who has helped keep us safe.  I know so many of these wonderful folks have been helping our neighbors just south of Kansas City in Joplin…plus to the east in Sedelia.

This weekend has been pretty busy,  but also loads of fun!  We started off the weekend with lots of cooking.  I made German potato salad and fruit salad.  The kids helped by eating the fruit I was cutting up.  If you are what you eat then they are fruits. ;)  Saturday was the McCleary family reunion at Wakins Mill state park.  The kids had a lot of fun playing with the kids that were there and eating everyone else’s food.  Their favorite part of the day was probably running in four different directions and making us run after them.

We walked all the way around the lake (3.6 miles).  Between the pain on my stomach, which is still unexplained, and the fact I fell at school on Friday I was pushing it.  So were the kids, the kids were riding in their choo choo wagon and we were halfway around about 2:30.  Then we saw Matthew and Zachary starting to dose off.  They actually fell asleep for a few minutes in the wagon.  Cameron was happy the whole time.  Elizabeth was great until a lady stopped and asked to take our picture.  We told her we perfered not and she said she understood and then asked me to take a picture of their group.  This set Elizabeth off for the rest of the walk back.  At least 30 minutes of no, picture, no, and just constant whine.

We made it back and the kids got a second wind.  They were digging in to all the food and even took drinks out of the water fountain.  We finally headed home and thought all four would crash on the way back….nope, they were up until we got home and then stayed up till their normal bedtime.

Sunday started at sun up like normal.  You would think they just might sleep in after Saturday…not my kids.  We were pretty cranky.   Randy’s brother’s family was in town.  So they came over for a bit to play and we had lunch together.  I remember when Keith and Julie had our oldest niece Brianna and it is hard to believe she is starting kindergarten in the fall!  Carter is a little over a year older and is growing up so fast as well!  Gege came with them to spend time with all of them.  We are pretty excited we are planning a vacation and will be seeing Keith, Julie, and the kids again this summer.

My mom and dad also came over to spend some time with the kids as well.  They love to see Nana and Papa!  They had a very busy day.

Today Randy’s grandma Ruth, aunt Connie, and aunt Becky came to visit today as well.  They were shy to warm up at first, but after a little time they did great.  We also went to Sam’s club and did a little shopping.  The kids got their swimsuits while they were there.  Elizabeth had to have princess and the boys got cars.  We tried them on and they loved them!  I even got them to pose for some pictures in them.

Thank you for all your support with the circle of mom blog contest.  It is amazing all the support we received!  Thank you so much…it means so much to us.


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