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May 16 2011

Toddler Beds

The kids have been sleeping the past 4 months in their toddler beds and have been doing really well with them. We decided to switch from cribs to toddler beds back in January, because Cameron was climbing out of them. We use to leave the bedroom doors cracked open, but decided to close the doors to contain them in their rooms at night so they’ll be safe. They quickly figured how to lock mommy out of the room and we put one of those child proof door covers over it so they wouldn’t lock us out. Some people told us to switch the locks around, but didn’t think about well what if your in their room getting clothes for the kids and they are out in the hall way and decide to lock you in? Luckily that never happened, because I thought if they could lock it from the inside then they could do it from the outside so we just put a baby proof cover over it.

We have the 3 boys sleep in one room and Elizabeth has her own room. She’s normally the good girl and doesn’t get up much when we put her to bed so we only have one baby monitor located in the boys room, because they are always up to no good in there. Elizabeth mainly just talks to her babies and her pony, but once in awhile we’ll hear someone walking around and we first think its the boys. So when we open the boy’s door and notice they are all sound asleep its off to check Elizabeth and when I go to open her door I can hear her run to her bed and flop down before the light gets turned on. She tries to act all innocent, but we’re not fooled.

Since mommy goes to bed first its up to me at night when someone wakes up. Matthew is our child that always tends to wake up at least once at night, and I just have to go in there pick him up for and hold him for few seconds or so and then can put him back in bed and he’ll go back to sleep. Last week he would up 3 times, and would walk to the door knock and say he has to go potty, so I would take him to the bathroom and he would go potty. He was all excited to get up in the middle of the night and go potty, but didn’t want to go back to sleep. So I had to tell him he needed to lay down for awhile so I could go to sleep and that mommy would be up soon so he could play. He was good with that and decided to go back to sleep.

When one of the boys wake up in the middle of the night you never know where they everyone is in the room. There are times I walk in there and only see one or two in bed, and have to look around to find the other one. Cameron is pretty good about sleeping in his bed, he is only up out of his bed if he’s up to no good like trying to climb the dresser or getting into the closet. Matthew is also pretty good about sleeping in his bed, but sometimes he tends to sleep underneath of his pillow so you don’t see him that easily. Zachary, aka “Linus from Charlie Brown”,  tends to sleep everywhere but his bed in the last month. He’s always taking his blanket with him and in the morning when they wake up he has to take his blanket with him to the living room. There’s been a couple times I have found him sleeping under his toddler bed, in someone else’s bed, in the corner and once he was sleeping in the small gab between the bed and the wall with his head against the wall and his feet under the bed.

One night last week I was up watching TV and out of no where I heard a loud high pitch scream, like as if one of the boys fell and got hurt. I immediately rushed to the boys room thinking maybe it was Zachary, since he’s the that moves around at night and also has a high pitch voice. When I opened the boy’s room I noticed they they were all in bed except Zachary, who was sleeping on the floor with his blanket. So I put him up in bed and then checked in Elizabeth’s room and she was sound asleep. Next I opened up our bedroom door and noticed mommy was awake and so I asked her if she was the one screaming and surely it was. She had a bad dream and thought someone was standing over her staring at her so she screamed. It scared the crap out of me, because I got one of the boys got hurt falling out of bed or something.


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