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May 11 2011

Mothers day weekend

This weekend was started off by our basement getting carpet!  This was the best thing ever.  Mommy has a living room again.  The basement is now the kids playroom.  So all of their toys were moved to the basement.  It is so nice to have only a few toys in the living room.  I feel like I can breath again.  I just felt so overwhelmed with the amount of stuff in our living room.  Now I am breathing a little easier.

Saturday we took Gege out to lunch.  The kids decided they could drink out of big cups and did not do to bad.  After lunch Gege stayed with the kids and we went out for a bit.  The kids gave Gege pictures and a card for mothers day.

Sunday the kids took me out for pancakes.  I also got a card signed by each one of them, a card from daddy and some beautiful roses.  We made dinner for Nana and Papa and gave Nana pictures and a card.  It was a great weekend and the best part is that I am momma to four miracles!  I know I am so blessed and love being their mommy!




  1. Jen

    Congratulations on your basement that is AWSOME!

    1. Stephanie

      Thanks! We think so too. We will have to post some picture… maybe even before and after of the living room.

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