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May 24 2011

Four Toddlers and no lap space

The kids love their new play room downstairs, we don’t have a TV down there just Daddy’s computer and all their toys. So sometimes when we go down to play we may watch some videos on YouTube. The pictures attached below are from the night that mommy had her Mother’s of Multiples meeting. So after dinner, I took the kids downstairs to play and wear them out before bed. We played for awhile, shot some hoops, jumped on the bed and then decided to watch a few videos to cool down.

They love watching Elmo and Will-I-AM, Elmo and Katy Perry, Little Einsteins and Micky Mouse Clubhouse. So the minute I started to pull one up they all wanted to come and sit in Daddy’s lap. Let’s just say I was stuck for awhile with 4 toddlers piled up on my lap. I did have my cellphone and was able to take a few pictures to show what its like having no lap space left not being able to get up for awhile because your legs fall sleep.


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