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May 04 2011

Day at the Zoo

This past weekend we decided to take the kids the the Zoo and we purchased a Family membership so we can take the kids several times this summer and fall. It was a perfect day to go, the weather was nice and not too warm. Since we get so many questions when we take the kids out we thought if we dressed them with their “Quad Squad” T-Shirts that we could get as many questions about whether they were twins, triplets, etc… Some people got the hint, but there were quite a few that still asked the question.

We decided to take our choo choo wagon instead of the strollers. We don’t know how many people kept coming up and asking us where we got it from and saying they’ve never seen something like that before. Step2 just needs to send us products to test out like the choo choo wagon and we could send lots of business their way.

This was our second time taking the kids to the Kansas City Zoo, last year they didn’t get too much out of it and we only went through part of it. This time we actually went through the whole thing and they got to see the Elephants, that Elizabeth likes so much. It was funny everytime we got to an animal that was sleeping, Elizabeth would say, “Wake up!!”.

There is little playground in the Zoo where we let the kids get up and run around and play for a bit before heading over to Africa to see the Elephants and the Monkeys. The kids loved playing on the playground and kept going through the tunnels and sliding down the slides. Finally, Elizabeth went down the slide on her bottom and we were able to get pictures of her doing that. They liked playing so much we had to pry them off and all started throwing fits because they didn’t want to leave the playground. But we got them back in the wagon and were off to see other animals so their fit didn’t last long.



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  1. Kami

    So much fun! We too get TONS of questions about our choo choo! We bought ours from Craigslist- so I have to tell them…BUT…now Step2 sells them again! :)
    Great Pics- we get the triplet question mostly with the 3 girls- I say – Nope, he’s included in the group too (with Eli) :) have a great week!

    1. Randy McCleary

      We got our choo choo wagon from a mom of triplets.

      1. Kami

        We did too (from CL though) but a triplet mom! Jason drove a few hours to get it ($75 for all four cars was sooooo worth it) Awesome! :)

  2. Jen

    Who doesn’t LOVE the zoo? Great minds think alike! Haha

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