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May 13 2011

And so it begins…

So we know that since the basement has been redone the kids can open the doors down there because the knobs are lower.  Well today we found out that they can now reach the knobs upstairs!  Of course the way we found out was I was in the bathroom and daddy was in the living room.  I came out of the bathroom and did not see any of our foursome.  I asked daddy where they were…then I hear giggles coming from down the hall.  The troops were all in the boys room up to no good.  So now begins our life where there is no where to hide. LOL!  This had to happen sometime…we already can not leave the room without them yelling momma or daddy until we return…but now they can follow.

Another big thing going on at our house is the fact that Matthew is telling he has to go potty!  Cameron hides when he is doing the dirty deed…so he knows.  Elizabeth tells us sometimes and Zachary wants to go.  So once school is out I am starting potty boot camp!  I have a feeling it will be interesting.  I am contemplating many different ideas about how to go about this.  Right now I am thinking to try undies during the day except nap and diapers at night.  Not sure if I should also use the plastic underpants over the undies…so our new carpet is spared.  Pull ups are very expensive and in my experience confuse many kids.  Working with children since I was 16 does give some basis for this game plan, plus I hope my early childhood degree has helped me think this through.  I had many classes on development, plus I think when you are mom you have that gut feeling about things.  But that does not mean my game plan will work.

So I am asking for any advice multiple moms and singleton moms have.  What worked for you, what did not.  I realize one may take right away and one may not, or any combination of that.  I just know they have had interest since 17 months…I know very early… and now they are really getting more serious about it.  So I think I need to give it our best shot.  Even if this means we are on house arrest for a week.

Thank you in advance for any insight!



  1. Cindy

    Hey, Mom of quads: I would have to say that potty bootcamp is the way to go!! We were done in one weekend. We wore not underpants the whole weekend but in the end it was very successful!! I am not a pull-up fan at all. Keep your thoughts going. You will succeed in doing this.

  2. Cheryl

    I trained all my kids according to the Farmer’s Almanac. The signs will tell you the days of each month that is best. It’s an old wives tale but it always worked for many things each year.

  3. Rachel

    Good luck with potty training! That’s great that they are starting to show signs of being ready, hopefully it will be easy for you! We did the 3 day potty training boot camp thing. It worked pretty well for us in the beginning. Parker had NO accidents in the first two weeks except for going number 2, it was great! Brett did great with ALL of it, and had it mastered from the beginning. Kaden and Cooper were obviously just not ready. The stress got to be too much for all of us and they ended up back in diapers. As soon as I put those two back in diapers, Brett and Parker started having multiple accidents. Soooo frustrating! They turned 3 in February so it is very frustrating to me that they are so stubborn and just won’t do it. They do fine when we are at home, but when we are out they do horrible. I’m not a big fan of pull-ups either. My kids just pee in them and don’t seem to care if they are wet, so I try not to put them in them unless we are going to be out for a long period of time. I need to get over being frustrated about the fact that I have 3 year olds that aren’t trained yet. Chances are they aren’t going to go to kindergarten still in diapers! I doubt this is going to help you much, but if you need to vent during the whole frustrating potty training experience, let me know! Good luck!

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