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Apr 21 2011

Using our Big Kid Cups

The kids got some really cool plates and plastic glasses for their birthday from our neighbor across the street. So we decided to use them last week and we got to take a few pictures of them drinking water out of the glasses. They were getting pretty good about drinking out of a cup, so we tried it with just a little bit of water. Cameron got his cup first and didn’t quite make it to his mouth before it started pouring down his shirt. Matthew was able to drink all of his with out spilling a drop. Elizabeth thought it was funny when the water was pouring out down her shirt and she couldn’t stop laughing about it. Zachary started off pretty good then he dumped it down his shirt all at once and ended up getting me all wet. After Cameron’s cup was empty he decided he was going to put his carrots in his cup and eat them out of there with his fork, silly boy.



  1. Beth

    I feel so bad, but our kids never use big kid cups. Our older son was using them often by this age, but I just don’t want to deal with the mess x four! I guess we need to work on it…

    1. Randy McCleary

      Oh don’t feel bad. No one really wants to clean up messes. What we do is only put a little bit of water in their cups. So if they spill it its mostly on their clothes and dries up pretty quickly. Also, on nice days outside is the perfect place to try it. I’m sure this summer we’ll be eating outside quite often so we don’t have to clean up after them inside.

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