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Apr 26 2011

This I promise you…

Four and a half years ago Randy and I began our journey of becoming parents.  It was not easy as many of you know.  It was a painfully emotional journey that I wish upon no one.  Every time we were told a treatment did not work it was like telling us we had lost a baby.  It was the first of many roller coaster rides we as a couple have gone through to have our family. 

Then we found out about two years after all of our struggles and prayers that we were finally expecting!  We were overjoyed!  Then about 2 weeks later we were floored to see not one but 4 heart beats.  We were on our next roller coaster journey.  We did everything we could to give our four little miracles the best fighting chance by keeping them in as long as we could.  Our doctors were fighting right along with us, which meant so much.  I promised our children then that I will always fight for them no matter what the cause!  We were able to make it just shy of 29 weeks.  Our prayers and struggle were all worth it to make it to that point! 

Our next roller coaster ride was that of the NICU.  This can be very emotional and draining (and this is an understatement).  We prayed and fought for our four little miracles then!  We advocated everyday what was best for them!  I promised then to do this for the rest of our lives! 

Once we finally all came home the next roller coaster began and of course has continued!  Struggled with many things with four infants coming home!  Of course there are prayers every day for them to stay healthy and to continue to excel!  I also know that what we do as their parents is part of what we have been called to do!  We have been so blessed and will never ever take this for granted!  We will also never stop fighting for what we think is right for our children, this I promise you!  No matter if they are 5, 10, 16, or even 50!  We will always be there for them and advocate what we think is best! 


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  1. Peggy Fairlie

    I am so happy for your great family. Your children are very precious. Sorry I didn’t get to see them after church but they looked so cute when you came into church Easter Sunday. You guys are so blessed and know that you are the best parents they could ever want. Enjoy them while they are young as they grow up so fast.

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