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Apr 19 2011

Picnic at the Park

Last week it was a nice day and we decided to go down the to the park and have a picnic. So as soon as I got home from work we packed up the kids and our dinner and headed down to the park. We decided to take the choo choo wagon, instead of the double strollers. We just happened to get alot more comments and people coming up asking questions, way more than all the other times we just had 2 double strollers.

Some of the comments were, "are they all yours", "that looks like a sweet ride", "is it a field trip", "are they like triplets or something", that was only some that we could remember. 

Anyways, the kids ate their lunchables and chips and then they were off to the playground. Elizabeth took straight for the slides, she climb up to the tallest one that curved around and went down on her stomach and then she ran around to do it all again. Cameron liked going down the long straight one on his bottom and kept saying, "weee" all they way down. Matthew wanted to swing and have Mommy push him, and then he also wanted to go down the big slide. Zachary just wanted to play in the tunnel and also like trying to run off with some ones water bottle. 

We then decided to take the kids for a walk in their wagon, and we got lucky that their was a train passing through and the kids liked to point and watch the train and say, "Whoa!! What is that?" and  "Choo-choo".


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