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Apr 01 2011

Let the Celebrating Begin!!!!

So of course the kids are 2 today!  We are so thrilled to have made it to this milestone.  Although it already has proven to have it's ups and downs.  Ups include more words, conversations, imaginary play, silliness, independence, and even more individuality.  The downs include the words mine and no, occasional drop down fits, and not always being so nice to our siblings.  They do love each other…but when it comes to toys or even snacks….man you are fending for yourself in our house!  Not that we don't have plenty…but they always want what the others have or play keep away because they think it is funny. 

It is still hard to believe they are 2.  It just seems like yesterday we were visiting them in the NICU everyday and praying for the day we could take them hope!  Of course our prayers were answered in June as they started to come home.  They have come so far from the four little infants in the NICU that needed so much help, love, and our faith in them, the doctors, and our Lord.  They truly are our four little miracles and we will never ever forget that!!!!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth, Cameron, Matthew, and Zachary!  We love you so much!


Our Piglet

Elizabeth Anne

Our Pooh Bear

Cameron David 

Our Tigger

Matthew Jay

Our Eeyore

Zachary Thomas


Elizabeth Anne

Cameron David

Matthew Jay

Zachary Thomas

Two year photos were shoot by our favorite photographer, Denise Klee…I hope you don't mind me putting these ones up until I get the cd.

On a side note…our celebrating started Wednesday with an interview with the KC Star…to be in the April 6th edition.  Last night NBC Action News did a story last night.  Fox 4 and KMBC are doing stories tonight and Fox 4 is coming back out Sunday for their party.  The weather is looking like it should be great so we can be outside!!!!

PS We were thrilled to hear our friends Sean and Becca were able to hold two of their babies at a time!  They still have a ways to go before they come home, but are getting closer and closer.  Please say some prayers for them and their four beautiful babies that are just over a month old.  We can not wait for all fun to be had with 2 sets of quads in a room!


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  1. Beth

    Happy Birthday Elizabeth!
    Happy Birthday Cameron!
    Happy Birthday Matthew!
    Happy Birthday Zachary!
    Congrats Mom and Daddy on making it two years!! That’s big!!

    Love the two year pictures!! Gorgeous!

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