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Apr 04 2011

Kids 2nd Birthday

What a weekend, the kids turned 2 years old on April first and it all started out watching them on morning news. Then they had their 2 year Dr's Appointment. The didn't need any shots, just had to get lead and hemoglobin tested. They all got weight, measured height and head circumference. And the details are below.

  Weight Height HC
Elizabeth 23.9 lbs 33" 19 ½"
Cameron 26.2 lbs 33 ¼" 19"
Matthew 24.12 lbs 33" 18 ½"
Zachary 23.15 lbs 34 ½" 18 ½"

I had Matthew and Zachary in my room, while Nana had Elizabeth and Cameron in another room. The Nurse measured Matthew's head first then Zachary's head next, and when she finished Zachary's and said what it was, Zachary was all excited that he's was the same size as Matthew's. Its always been the smallest of the bunch but now he's caught up with brother Matthew.

We've taken a lot of pictures the past few days so for now i'm just including a few images that were taking on April 1st, their actual birthday. We'll be posting more picture of their party as soon at we get those pictures cropped down and uploaded.

These are some of the pictures taken inside of them eating their cake and playing with their new toys. Elizabeth made one heck of a mess out of her cake. Matthew just picked his up and started eating it with his hands.

Then they got to go outside and ride their new tricycles and mark up the drive way with their new sidewalk chalk. They didn't want to come inside when it got dark outside.


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