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Apr 18 2011

Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant

A few weeks ago, we decided to get out of the house and went down to the plaza and ate at Fritz's Railroad Restaurant. The kids seemed to like it the last time we went there last summer, and since they are alittle older and have more words we thought it was time to go again. Also, this was the first time we didn't use highchairs or booster seats. We sat in the booth and I had Elizabeth and Zachary, Mommy had Cameron and Matthew. Elizabeth kept trying to run away, Zachary just wanted to sit on my lap even when the food came I couldn't get him to stand or sit next to me, he wanted to sit on my lap. Elizabeth decied to stand and eat, but also she kept stealing my Dr Pepper. Matthew was standing the whole time watching the trains and people go by and Cameron was sitting in mommy's lap and stood when the food arrived.

For those that don't know about Fritz's Railroad Restaurant… when you sit down and are ready to order you meal, there is a phone at the table. You just pick it up and hit the button to place your order and then when your order is ready its delivered by a train that drives around in the air and when it gets to your table it drops it off and comes down an elevator where you can grab it and place it on your table. The kids love watching all the trains driving around and are anxiously waiting for their food to come.


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