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Apr 08 2011

Birthday Party Pictures Part 2

Here is a second batch of Birthday Party photos. More photos of all the kids hitting the Elmo Pinata and opening presents. It was funny watching the kids open their presents. There was one big bag that had lots of colored tissue paper that all four were reaching in, pulling it out and throwing it. Then came the clothes flying out all over the ground just go get to the toys on the bottom. They opened one present that had sidewalk chalk and they were able to open the packaging on that and then decided to stop opening the rest of the gifts went straight to marking up the sidewalk and stairs. We were able to get Elizabeth, Cameron, and Matthew back to opening the presents but Zachary didn't want to give up the chalk and continued drawing.

One of the last pictures you'll see big boy Cameron drinking Lemonade out of a big boy cup and he did very well until the last cup he got. He basically had it running all down his shirt, but luckily he was outside and the party was just about finished. He got his cool down. We thought the kids were gonna be really worn out and would sleep in the next day. That wasn't the case though, all the boys were up and ready to go before 5:45am.


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