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Apr 07 2011

Birthday Party Pictures Part 1

Here's a few pictures from the Kids 2nd Birthday Party. We got them a bounce house that has a ball pit and we now have a place to put there 200+ balls in. They love going in the bounce house jumping and sliding down the side. We had set it up earlier in the day before the kids had their nap just to see how long it would take and it airs up in under 2mins and deflates just as quick. So it was a perfect birthday present for 4 bouncing toddlers. 

The kids also like hitting the Elmo Pinata, they all wanted to take turns hitting Elmo and stood around watching everyone else hit it. Once it was broke all four of them went running to pick up candy. Cameron had a horde of candy in his hands and Matthew was being smart and putting his candy in his pockets. Hersey Kisses in pants pockets when the weather was in the 80's, not so good when it starts to melt.  The kids all had a blast and enjoyed the nice weather in the big back yard.



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  1. Lucy

    The bounce house looks pretty sweet, where did you get that from? And wow that backyard does look huge, good thing the kids have lots of space to run around.

  2. Kalee

    I didn’t even know you could buy little bouncy houses like that. I’m with Lucy, where did you get that? Because I have a 2 year old niece who would love me forever if I bought her that!

    This party looks like a huge success! Love the cake and the cupcakes.

    1. Randy McCleary

      We got the bounce house at and did the site-to-store. We were planning on renting one for 8hrs and it was gonna cost $150, but then we came across them on Walmart’s site for $199.99 and you own it. So we got that instead, and when the weather isn’t nice out, we can set it up in the basement. So it works out great.

  3. Beth

    A Bounce House?!? Genius! My children have been trying to turn our home into a bounce house. You actually gave them a place to jump, how awesome!

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