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Apr 29 2011

Back to the good weather

Thankfully we're having a couple good weather days now. The past few days we didn't get to go outside because of all the rain and the fact it was all wet outside. And now it looks like its back on to finishing up mowing the yard and re-mowing the section that was mowed last weekend. Hopefully we'll have the rider fixed and going this weekend, because push mowing it the big back yard isn't any fun at all. 

We were able to take the kids all outside last night and looks like we'll get to take them out again tonight. They were really demanding the sidewalk chalk last night… Elizabeth kept saying "chalk" and would run up to the garage door and point. So finally we had to open the garage door and mommy went to find the chalk. Matthew was able to find it quickly and was already heading back out when mommy was asking me were it was at. 


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  1. Jennifer

    We have had the same COLD rainy weather! I am so ready for summer! Glad you are all getting out in the fresh air. Sunshine always makes my heart happy!

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