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Mar 15 2011

Where’s Momma???

When momma goes to the bathroom, bedroom, or one of the kids bedrooms the kids like to go play in the hallway and try to figure out which door momma went into. In the hallway there are 3 Bedroom Doors, 1 Bathroom Door, and 2 Closet Doors. So they have a few doors to try and pick from. They like to go knock on the doors and say, "Knock Knock". They also like to bang on the doors with their hands, feet, and even their heads… They will also get down and try to look under the door to see if they can see if momma is behind that door. Sometimes they like to go get toys or books and push them under the door. Its pretty funny sometimes to watch and then when momma comes out they all like to rush to momma and get all excited. Below are a few pictures of the kids playing Where's Momma that goes in order.



  1. Kari

    That is too funny! I wish we had that many doors to choose from maybe I would get to go to the bathroom in peace once in awhile.

  2. Beth

    So cute! My kids always say, “Knock! Knock!” when they knock on the doors too. They’re so funny!

  3. Rachel

    That is too funny! My kids like to stand at the door to the room I’m in too and say “Knock Knock” while they repeatedly knock! It’s cute, but sometimes I wish I could escape to the bathroom in peace!

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