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Mar 11 2011

Watching Tarzan


Matthew sitting and watching Tarzan. Just mins before he was quite a menace. He took off his shorts and diaper, then went pee pee on the floor. I put a new diaper on him and went to clean up the mess. After I thought I was all done I looked up and saw his new diaper on the floor and a new mess on the couch. So then it was time to put Tarzan in to watch while the second mess got cleaned up. When Tarzan is in, they will sit quitely and watch it until Tarzan is no longer a baby.



  1. Suzy

    That is hilarious about Tarzan! We just tried watching our first animated movie today (Cars). They were okay with it, but it didn’t completely hold their attention. Thankfully, none of mine have ever tried to make a mess on the floor … hope they never start!!! :)

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    1. Randy

      We have cars also they’ll watch it for a little bit, but not like the Disney’s Tarzan. They are really focused on that movie when its playing, but as soon as Tarzan is grows up from a baby, they are off doing other things.

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