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Mar 30 2011

Playing Outside

Here's a few pictures from week that we took while the kids were running around playing outside. We are hoping for some more good weather, espcially this weekend. The kids turn 2yrs old on Friday and their birthday party will be on Sunday and we have quite a few people who have RSVP, so we are hoping the weather is nice so we get to be outside. We have a big backyard and we think the kids will enjoy running around and playing outside. There's alot more room outside to run and stretch. 



  1. Beth

    I am soooo ready for warm spring weather!! We had a brief glimpse, but then it got cold again. I know my little ones are bursting to get out there are run around. Glad you guys got to enjoy some nice weather!

    1. Randy McCleary

      Yeah, we are to. We had a few days were it was nice. Then I got cold again and snowed on Monday. It looks it maybe nice on their birthday, one weather channel said 80 last night while another said 68, so we’ll see which one is closer. Hopefully it doesn’t rain so all the kids can play outside.

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