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Mar 16 2011

Last NICU Follow Up Appointment!

Well today the children had their very last NICU follow up appointment at KU!  It seems silly to us because they really have never been behind.  They follow all preemies until 2 years of age.  (They say most children born premature will catch up by the age of two)   I believe if there are issues they would be continued to seem them as well.  Every time we have gone in the doctors and nurses have always been very impressed with their development and today was no exception!  They were all over the place and even showing off at times.  They forgot to give me a copy or even tell me any weights or heights.  We will go to our regular pediatrician in a couple of weeks and I will be sure to get them then.  The doctor today was more concerned about the things we are doing with them than what they are doing.  He asked about plans for the summer and what we do when they throw a fit.  I am not sure what that was about, my guess is that since they are developmentally on target and have been he was not sure what to talk about.  Or he could have been just making sure I was not beating them to a bloody pulp. ;)  He did say that we have done a great job with all four of them and they are doing great.  The only time they will go back now is for NICU reunions!  Plus we do not have to worry about adjusted age.  Which really our regular pediatrician has not adjusted and neither does Parents as Teachers, so it will not be any different. 

On a side note I am feeling much better…still wear out very easily!  Zachary did have croup last week and is still fighting the cough and the runny nose.  Everyone else seems to be doing just fine.  Thank you all for your prayers…it could have been much worse!


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