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Mar 07 2011

Kids love playing with the phone

This past weekend while the kids were talking to Grandma (Geegee) on the phone we took a few pictures of them with the phones. The night before Matthew had the phone and Cameron wanted the phone so we decided to bring out another phone so there were two phones. And as you can see both Matthew and Cameron were happy sitting together each with their own phone to talk on and hold. Some how Elizabeth who was off sitting by herself managed to hang up phone and dialed up Grandma Nana. We didn't know she got a phone from Cameron & Matthew but we heard the phone dial a number and heard Elizabeth say, "Help" then started rambling on on the phone. Both phones were on speaker so we could hear her, at first we didn't know who she called. After a few mins talking to Nana we heard the phone ring again and somehow one of the kids figured out how to switch over to the incoming call and it was Grandma Geegee calling back. We haven't really figured out how to switch over to an incoming call and have had the for about a year now. We bought the phone last year after geting Magic Jack and so alot of the features don't work, but for $19.95/yr, you really can't beat it. We just had to have a phone with multiple handsets so that the main one is downstairs plugged into the computer, the other two units just plug into any electric outlet.


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  1. Beth

    So funny! Glad it was just grandma that they called. How funny that they were able to figure out a feature on the phone you guys haven’t gotten yet. haha!

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