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Mar 02 2011

Kids Birthday Cake

So I think we finally decided to use Sesame Street characters this year for their cake.  The reason for this choice is because they love Elmo!  So I designed what I think I want for the sheet cake.  Then we will get each one of them their own cupcake or small round cake with the same characters as on the cake.  I just hope they do not all want Elmo.  lol  I would think that they know it is cake and to just dig in! 


What do you guys think?  Does the sheet design look okay?  Do you think for them I should get different characters for their individual cakes or all Elmo?

 Update…Pictures of a couple of other ideas…





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  1. Denise Reker

    All Elmo and love the sheet cake idea!

  2. Rachel

    I love the sheet cake design. If I was doing this for my kids, I would get all Elmo for the indivdual cakes just because they all four love Elmo so much and don’t care about the other characters as much. I wouldn’t want them to be sad if they got Big Bird or someone else instead of Elmo. I’m sure whatever they get they will love as soon as they realize it’s cake! LOL!

  3. Beth

    I think the cake is adorable!! I agree with Rachel though. If they all really love Elmo the most, maybe they should each get an Elmo cupcake. You don’t want tears and yelling at a birthday party. I’m sure it will be great!

  4. Stephanie

    I think that is what we are leaning towards. Someone also introduced me to Elmo cake pops. I just do not think I can find the time to make them. I think they would be so cute as favors!

    Here is the link SO CUTE!!!! I added a picture on the post!

  5. Kalee

    Here is a link to a Sesame Street birthday party a girl I know threw:

    And if you go to and search for Elmo it comes up with some cool ideas as well!

  6. Kalee

    Here’s an Elmo and Abby party!

  7. Kami

    LOVE the cake pops- Great favors or treats! Love them all though. We love Elmo at our house too! :)

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