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Mar 17 2011


Last weekend Zachary got croup and mommy took him in to get meds. Well they checked him how and confirmed it and wrote a prescription, so Mommy and Zachary came back to the house with dinner and the prescription. After dinner when I got ready to go the the prescription at Walgreens, Matthew didn't want me to leave. Mommy asked Matthew if he wanted to go bye bye and he said no, but then didn't want me to leave. So I went and got him some socks and shoes and said lets go bye bye. He was like, "nooo nooo". Once we headed to the car he was all good, but then his sister and brothers were upset.

We get to Walgreens and dropped the prescription of and waited around to get it filled. So we went to look in the kid section where all the toys are, which Matthew enjoyed looking at everything. He's been saying froggy alot from the frog on the begging of all the Elmo movies. So he quickly spotted this real life-like froggy so I had to get it. There wasn't 4 froggys so I picked out 3 others, a shark, an alligator and lizard looking thing for the other 3 at home. We went back and waited for the prescription to be filled and Matthew was smiling from ear to ear…saying "froggy" and holding him.

The prescription was ready at the counter, the lady wanted me to fill out a rewards card. After looking at brochure I agreed and she was like, now lets see how good you are at writing one handed while holding a toddler. She was quite impress that I was able to fill it out without any problems. I had to tell her we had Quads, so we get lots of practice while doing stuff like that. Sometimes your stuck holding 2 at a time.

When I got home, I had Matthew go show Mommy what he got and the new toys freak Mommy out. They feel all slimmy and mushy, which mommy doesn't like. All the kids seemed to like the new toys, and all kept calling all of them froggy. Elizabeth likes to make the Shark bite her toes as you can see in some of the pictures below.



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  1. elisa

    They are adorable and your blog is definitely unique. Don’t have a clue how you do those little pictures that look like pin ups with text in them. Super cute! The kids look wonderful! How blessed! Good job momma :D

  2. Beth

    eww… I’m with Mommy on this one. I don’t like real frogs and some of those toys are too close to the real think for my taste. Love the pictures of Elizabeth with the shark. Such a cutie!

  3. Angela Lee- jones

    Nice Daddy story, mushy is good for babies not for mommies!!!

  4. Rachel

    This made me laugh, since my husband would totally come home with the same kind of toy, all four kids would think they were great, and I would be grossed out!
    I’m sorry to hear that Zachary has croup! My kids have had that several times in the last few months, and it is not fun stuff! It can get scary when they are coughing so hard and having a hard time catching their breath! I hope he feels better soon, and that the rest of you stay healthy!

    1. Randy

      Thanks Rachel, Zachary is much better now and his cough is pretty much all gone. They got to go out to eat tonight, all you can eat at Hometown Buffet where kids under 2 eat free. We only have 2 weeks left, before we have to pay for them.

      1. Rachel

        It stinks when you have to start paying for them! We still have one place left that we can go where they eat for free. A couple weeks ago we went to Old Chicago for their new lunch buffet. Adults were 7.99 and kids were 4.99! That’s crazy! I was thinking it would be the normal 50 or 60 cents times their age, not 4.99 a kids! We definitely won’t be going there again!!
        I’m glad to hear that Zachary is feeling better!

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