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Mar 23 2011

First Dentist Appointment

The kids had their first Dentist appointment this yesterday. Luckily the dentist office is just only a few mins from the house and they were able to get all four in at the same time. They have a nice waiting/play room for the kids to play in, till its time to go back. All the kids like running all over the place and showing off. It was hard chasing them all around and getting them to sit up in the seats long enough to get pictures taken.  The kids liked looking at the fish in the fish tank and going around trying to open cabinet doors etc. 

The Dentist office took everyones picture for their first visit and put them in a nice little folder to keep. They all got a little goodie bag and stickers when we left. As for the outcome no one has any cavities, Elizabeth & and Zachary may need braces down the road. Elizabeth has an overbite and a gap between her front two teeth. Zachary's teeth are a little crowded, because his mouth is a little small but he may grow and be fine.  


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  1. Beth

    Good job guys! I still haven’t taken the quads to the dentist. I didn’t take Will until he was 3, so I figured I would take them this fall when they turn 3. I’m overwhelmed at the thought of all four, but it sounds like you guys did a great job!

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