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Mar 22 2011

Enjoying the weather!

The weather in KC is been beautiful for the most part for the past few days.  Of course there were a few days we were stuck inside due to the rain.  So those days we spent time coloring and even painted for the very first time.  When we were able to go outside we had so much fun!  Each one of them has their favorite part of outside time.  Elizabeth loves to run and make us chase her.  Cameron likes to take the sidewalk chalk and color on everything but the sidewalk.  Matthew loves the choo choo wagon and pulling out their chairs.  Zachary loves to use the sidewalk chalk and make striaght lines everywhere!  We all love to ride in the choo choo wagon and all have to say choo choo the whole time we are in it!  

Sunday we tried peanut butter for the very first time!  We really liked after we got over the fact it was new.  Elizabeth, Cameron, and Zachary have been fine.  Matthew broke out in a rash later that day.  It was also 80 degrees in the house, so not sure if it is heat rash.  We gave him allergy meds incase.  It is now Tuesday and he is still broke out, no other symptoms though.  So not sure if it is a heat rash or maybe fifth disease.  There is not much to do for either other than to cool him off or treat itching if he is, but he is not.  Please pray this rash goes away and to put my mind at ease.  I think that if it was a reaction to the peanut butter it would have gone away by now!

FYI The kids had their very first dentist appointment this afternoon!  We will post all about it later today or tomorrow!  Do not worry we have pictures!



  1. Rachel

    We have been enjoying our nice weather here in Nebraska too! My kids love to be outside, and so do I, so we have been spending as much time as possible playing in our backyard. It’s been pretty windy the last couple of days, but we still go out as long as it’s not too cold! We are definitely ready for summer so we can get our pool out and enjoy the water.
    My kids love playing with chalk too, and they really like to color on everything but the ground! Their playhouse door is mostly blue right now, and our fence has a variety of colors all over it!
    I hope Matthew’s rash clears up soon! Rashes are no fun, especially when you don’t know what they are from.

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