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Feb 22 2011

Weekend Fun

Its official Elizabeth is our messiest eater. This weekend we went out to eat at our favorite restaurant, Hometown Buffet. Why is it our fave place to eat? Thats because the kids eat free, they have more than 4 high chairs, its not crowded trying to place 4 high chairs around the table, and most of all we don't have to clean up afterwards. All the staff there are great, they help us get the high chairs setup. The manager has given us the senior discount once before, because he said we need all the help we can get. 

We gave all the kids chocolate chip cookies after they finished the dinner. Elizabeth was only interested in the chocolate chips, she picked all the chips out and had chocolate all over her hands, face, and table. The cookie was still in on piece but had holes everywhere where there was a chocolate chip. After dinner we decided to go to Target to do some shopping, and was hoping the kids would let us shop. We got two shopping carts, placed one in the seat and strapped them in and the other got to ride in the cart. Matthew liked standing up riding around, he also liked to throw anything that was placed in the cart out. When we walked by the movie stand, Matthew instantly pointed out an Elmo movie, so we had to buy it. We only had 1 Elmo movie at home, and it was starting to get old, because they wanted to watch it over and over. We also found a princess dvd that had 5 movies on it for only $2.00 so Elizabeth got her princess movies.

Sunday the weather was nice enough to take the kids outside and play in the backyard. They had a blast running around kicking the balls, and playing on their kiddie slides. We also go out the sidewalk chalk and started drawing and marking up the driveway. After they got done playing in the driveway we ordered mexican for dinner and made Ice Cream Sundae's. And as you can see from the pictures the Ice Cream Sundae's were a big hit, so much that Elizabeth had to wear some of it. The kids loved the rice, so much that after we went around the table dishing it out, the first one was already out of rice. So we had to go around a second time.



  1. Rachel

    I’m impressed that you took them out to eat AND to Target all in the same day. I’m usually too tired from one or the other to take them more than one place in the same day. It used to be easier, but now they’ve decided they are too big to ride in the carts, so they like to walk. That’s not something I ever used to let them do, but I started letting them walk when I would take one at a time, so now they want to do it all the time. Big mistake on my part!

  2. Randy

    Yeah we wanted to wear them out some, and since the weather hasn’t been all that great lately we just needed to get out of the house for awhile. The kids like to walk alot, but sometimes they just try to run off. Zachary likes to find the exit and take off running for it and thinks its funny when we chase after him. If we don’t chase him he’ll run back and try again just to get us to chase him.

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