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Feb 04 2011

The little things in life

Tonight was just another night in our household.  I came home to all four saying hi and then being silly.  Which is pretty typical when I get home.  Of course they say "Daddy!" even though they can say mommy.  Then they laugh and run up to give me hugs!  This is probably my favorite part of my day.  After that we spend a good 30 minutes looking at and reading books.  Some we look at more than 3 times.  Then daddy comes home and they get all silly again. 

At dinner we had pot roast and we have had it before, but Matthew would not touch it, Elizabeth and Zachary picked at it, and Cameron just devoured it.  (That is typical for him lately.)  They of course licked their bowls clean when it came to applesauce.  Zachary was actually drinking it from his bowl!  Matthew decided his almost empty bowl was a hat.  Then taking cue from him Elizabeth said her carrot was a hat.  What can I saw we have some strong imaginations! 

After dinner they all wanted to watch Little Einsteins.  They request it by saying "pat. pat, pat," and patting their legs and then they do it faster.  If you have ever seen any of these episodes you know what I am talking about.  So as soon as it starts all four are saying "Ohhhhh!  Yay!" and clapping.  I went to sit and my lap then becomes their chair.  This is a fairly new thing.  It use to be one or two, I swear I do not know where or how they find space to all sit on me…but they do!  It is a simple little act that makes us all smile and that I will never forget as their mother!  It is these little moments I will always hold next to my heart.



  1. denise

    I love your stories and your little family. Haven’t forgotten about their 2 year pics, just trying to figure out scheduling since Jeff is moving. No worries, I won’t book my morning times yet :) I’ll save that for my McCleary Quads :) Love you Steph, you are the most amazing and strong mother I know!!!

  2. Dave

    On 2/9 I went over to play and have lunch with my four little Godzilla’s ( a game we play), as we ate lunch, Elizabeth, turned to me and said”Papa”! WOW. Everyone is talking, but they sure get silly, and it’s obvious, what they need for their birthday is a 55 gallon drum of ketchup ! Love, Papa

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