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Feb 11 2011

Super Bowl Dinner

We decided to make the kids their first super bowl dinner. We knew they loved dipping their food so we thought it would be a great hit. And it sure was, the kids had chips and nacho cheese, carrots, celery, broccoli, ranch dip, salsa dip, and some little smokies. They were going to town dipping everything and saying yum yum.  For dessert they all got Kit Kats. Cameron of course had to dip is Kit Kat in his nacho cheese lol and then ate it and said yum yum. I tried to get him to eat it without dipping it, but he insisted he wanted to dip it. Elizabeth, Matthew and Zachary ate theirs without dipping them. Its so funny watching them eat chocolate candy, you give them a piece and they will take their time eating it and savor every little bite, but the moment they see that they are going to get another one, they stuff the rest in their mouths and stick out their hands for more.



  1. Crystal

    Chocolate and cheese is supposedly a really yum yum combo! I know people who swear by oreos and cheese whiz…maybe Cameron is on to something!!

  2. Dave

    Soon it will be peanut butter and jelly and bologna sandwiches, hold the mayo!

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