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Feb 28 2011

Homemade Fort

What a weekend we had. They kids decided they wanted to build a fort in the living room with blankets, pillows, clothes, and anything else they could grab. Friday night it was just a big pile right in front of the TV and boys burried Elizabeth who was just laughing up a storm. Matthew's and Cameron's big thing now is, they want to take everything off the couch and throw it on the floor so they can jump off the couch into the big pile of blankets and pillows. They also like to push their Sister or brothers off the couch. Zachary likes getting pushed off the couch and always goes back wanting Matthew to do it again. Of course we have to step in and tell them its not ok to push anyone off the couch and to go hug the person they pushed off and that will last for a little bit. So they are starting to learn to be careful with their brothers and sister. 

The funniest things we saw was when Matthew woke up from his nap on Saturday. When I went in to get him he had found a pair a pajama pants that he somehow got one leg on his right leg and the other pajama leg on his right arm all the way up past his elbow. How he managed to do that, we don't know. But it sure was a funny site to see that, too bad we wasn't able to get a picture of that one.

On sunday night Matthew again wanted build a fort out of their Walk-in Kitchen. So we put a sheet over the walk-in kitchen, but that wasn't enough for Matthew so he headed to the couch to pull off more blankets. When all the blankets were off that still wasn't enough so and Cameron grabbed the pillows to throw up on top. Then they had a hey day running in and out, Zachary was inside hiding while Matthew was poping in and saying "Zachy". Zachary was just laughing up and storm and kept wanting Matthew to chase him into the kitchen. Then all of a sudden it started to thunder and lightening outside and was getting dark. So we turned the lights out and the kids went to look outside to see the rain coming down while everything was still snow covered. Luckily the camera takes great pictures in the dark, you just have to know where to point it and snap away. And when you view them you really can't tell they were taken in the dark. One good thing about sunday night while they were all playing with their fort and whole deal with the thunderstorms we got a break from having to watch and listen to Elmo. Any break from watch Elmo is always good, especially anything that wears them out so they sleep good.




  1. Moni

    They are ADORABLE! I didn’t know you were in KS City….we’re practically neighbors. We’ll have to meet up the next time we head that direction!


    1. Randy

      Thanks, yup we are in Kansas City. We are also friends with The Ishums, which are also local in the Kansas City area. They welcomed their quadruplets just last week Feb 23rd.

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