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Feb 25 2011

Children’s favorite character will be the end of momma!

For about the last month the children have be infatuated with Elmo.  Now there is nothing wrong with Elmo until it is all they want to watch.  Elmo is pretty much on for them any time they would like to watch TV.  It all started with Elmo's country jamboree and has snowballed since then.  We go potty, we have to talk about Elmo on their potty chair.  We call GeGe, we have to talk about Elmo.  We get upset, we want to watch Elmo and if I try to put Rocket or Pooh in they all start screaming and crying for Elmo.  We had to break down and purchase a couple  more Elmo videos just for our sanity.  Now we are stuck watching these all the time.  Our favorite books have Elmo in them!  Elmo is going to drive me bonkers!  I am glad they can say Elmo and request him, but what ever happen to variety?  Today I was home because it was pretty much a snow day for every district in the area.  I had to watch more Elmo than usual!  I have come to the conclusion I go to work to keep my sanity.  Although I work with 4 and 5 year olds I am not stuck watching those Elmo movies.  We did do well with PBS after Elmo in Grouch land.  Of course I should state the TV is not on all day, but it sure seems like it is when all they want to watch is Elmo.  The one nice thing is that when Elmo is in it is mommy's cuddle time on the couch with all four of them.  Sometimes I just wish it was another show…I do not know how much more they can subject me to.  They insist that I sit and watch it with them!  Please pray that we do not lose our minds!  I am sure it just a phase and eventually we will move on to another character!  If anyone else has gone through this phase…please fill me in on how long it lasted for you.



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  1. Beth

    I wish I had good news to report, but our crew first fell in love with Elmo nearly a year ago and they still LOVE him. I just got them “Elmo Loves You” for Valentine’s Day, so at least there is a new video in the rotation, but you may just want to get used to him. If your crew is anything like mine, he’ll be in your house for a long time. I have grown fond of him though and even use him from time to time. If you really need to get something done (like make dinner, clean up, try to sneak in a shower…) pop in an Elmo dvd and they are glued to the screen. “Elmo in Grouchland” may have saved our lives in the van on our way to the beach this summer. Look at the bright side, he’s less annoying than Barney!;o)

  2. Rachel

    I was thinking the same thing as Beth…Elmo has to be better than Barney! My kids love Elmo too, they even all have an Elmo that they sleep with. When Sesame Street comes on, they don’t like to watch it until Elmo’s world comes on and then they are glued to the tv. I think it was about a year and a half ago that they became so obsessed with it, and it really hasn’t let up any. They used to be completely obsessed with The Wiggles. The Wiggles were the only thing they would ever watch, they didn’t like ANYTHING else. Drove me crazy! Now they really like Mickey Mouse too, so at least we can switch between Elmo, The Wiggles and Mickey Mouse. It is nice that they like these shows, so that if I am needing to get something done, I can pop in a video and they are entertained by themselves for a few minutes!

  3. quad_momma

    Do not get me wrong, there is nothing actually wrong with Elmo! Just the pure fact that we have to watch him over and over. The fact is at our house we have loved Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse, Blue’s Clues, Tinker Bell, The Wiggles, Chuggington, and Cars. The thing is not that Elmo is the only thing they really want to watch. The other thing is that they want me to sit with them and watch it with them! So I still can not get things done. I leave the room just to finish breakfast, use the restroom, or even just get their milk and one of them is chasing me down upset that I left them. Hopefully this will change soon!

    1. Rachel

      I understand, I don’t really mind Elmo, or Mickey, or the Wiggles, but when you have to watch it over and over, it definitely gets old! Hopefully they will start letting you leave without getting mad soon! Mine do that to me too, but they are getting old enough now that they understand a little better (notice I said a LITTLE not a LOT) that I will soon return! I always say, “It sure would be nice if I could just go to the bathroom by myself once in a while!” I feel like I can’t even do that alone anymore since they are always following me! LOL!

  4. Sarah

    Elmo totally beats Barney. All of our kids wanted to watch Barney over and over. I just so wanted to throw that DVD out. It took quite awhile to get them to switch up to a little variety.

  5. Amber

    My kids love Elmo too. In fact when you ask what their name is they will say “Elmo”. I love your website. I just found it from one of your comments on my blog. Nice to meet you! Us quad mommas have to stick together.

    1. Randy

      Thats funny, our Elizabeth was the same. We would ask her who everyone’s name was and when we asked her she’d say “Elmo”. Matthew knows where the “Elmo” movies are and re recently moved them to a different area, which that didn’t fool him. He still knows where they are and they run over there and point and repeat Elmo, Elmo, Elmo over and over until you go get one.

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