The McCleary Quadruplets

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Jan 25 2011

What a weekend!

This weekend was full of excitement at the McCleary homestead.  Zachary's word usage at least doubled if not tripled!  I have been a little worried about his speech due to the fact they are closing in on 2 years and he was babbling up a storm and only using "real" words every so often.  But this weekend he proved to me that I do not need to worry!  We heard him labeling so many things as well as making statements!  It was so cute when we were playing and he covered his eyes and then uncovered them and said "There Zachy is!"  We all looked at him and were just astonished!  It really has put my mind at ease seeing him taking off with his language.

Elizabeth of course is our talker!  That little girl never stops talking.  She is labeling everything in sight and if she does not know what it is she asks "What's that?"  Then she repeats the word.  For the first time ever she told me "Love you!"  It literally melted my heart and I started crying.  Of course tears of joy,  It was the sweetest thing I have ever heard!

Matthew started telling us that he has to go potty!  So we are one step closer with him on the potty training.  He is so funny about it too.  He will not let you take him off the toilet until he is done. 

Cameron was having a silly weekend.  Everything to him was hysterical.  Even just looking at him, he would start laughing.

We tried fish for the first time.  We introduced Fish sticks and they went over pretty well as long as they had ketchup!  They love that stuff.  We also found out that kiwi is another favorite fruit.  We even learned 2 new songs!  Twinkle, Twinkle Dinosaur and skinamarinky dinky dink skinamarinky doo.  Which they all do the movements and try to sing it.  It is hard to believe everything they are doing, let alone in just a little over 2 months they will be 2!


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