The McCleary Quadruplets

There is never a dull moment when you are raising quadruplets!



Jan 17 2011

Today’s visit to Sam’s Club

Okay so I know most the time shopping is not the most fun thing on our list of things to do.  Try taking four toddlers with you it makes all the more interesting!  The nice thing about Sam's club is the fact their carts seat two kids, so we walk around with two carts and normally fill them both up!  Today's objective was food and a few snacks for the kids.  We actually were able to get that accomplish without to much fuss.  The funniest part was when Matthew saw the cheese balls and kept says ball! Ball!  Ball! and then ripped the plastic seal off it it.  Which most of us know those things can be a booger to get off, but apparently for Matthew it was a piece of cake!  He thought it was pretty funny.  The rest of the time all four of them enjoyed to free samples.  Zachary thought it was fun to play with the credit card swiper even though I kept asking him to stop.  That is the one down fall the carts have to sit right next to it to be loaded up…but what if you have a kid in the cart!  Afterward we all enjoyed the soft pretzels, yum yum!  Cameron and Sissy could not get enough!  Elizabeth had fun naming all the food.  She is going to be one heck of a talker when so grows up.  I have no clue where she gets it from.


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